That would be the "Mouse Cakes" breakfast entree  at the Butterhorn Bakery in Frisco. We found ourselves in the mountains, the glo...

Mouse Cakes and More...

Thursday, June 16, 2011 , , ,

That would be the "Mouse Cakes" breakfast entree 
at the Butterhorn Bakery in Frisco.
We found ourselves in the mountains, the glorious mountains, last week. We were taking advantage of Grandma & Grandpa Sander's timeshare in Dillon, and so we headed up for a quick one-night stay.
If you find yourself at your in-law's timeshare in Dillon anytime soon, I recommend taking a quick trip up the damn dam road to Frisco for breakfast. 
At the Butterhorn.
I've seen some trippy restaurants, yes siree bob, 
but never one with a skiing dog crashing through the roof. 

Justin said it was fake, but Eisley thinks he was just posing for pictures. 
I am to be punished for never giving my mom a serious picture when I was growing up. 
{Do you taste the sweet revenge, mom?}
This baby is always embarrassing us...
Pie highly recommends the Mouse Cakes. 
I recommend the mocha au lait. 
Justin recommends some Mexican dish he got...
Vi recommends... never you mind.
Then we hopped over to Breckenridge.
We love Breck.
Playgrounds in the mountains are not made of plastic.
Playgrounds in the mountains are created out of boulders. 
That's just how we roll here...

Here's a little secret, if you find yourself in Breck anytime soon, we've discovered the BEST little coffee shop. It's the cutest little yellow house of the main street...

It's called Starbucks, look it up next time you're in Breckenridge, you won't be disappointed.

{Try the cake pops, they're delicious.}
Though I don't think they see many kids in there. 
A few people sitting around with laptops, and they all glared at us. 
{And she was well behaved, I hate to think what they would have done if she'd been in tantrum mode.}

Then we headed up Guanella Pass above Georgetown, which just re-opened after a couple years of being under construction. 
We had to follow a pace car up half way, but that only meant we got to go slow and enjoy the breathtaking views - of which I took no pictures. Sorry.
Oh but there's this. 
Here we are above timberline...
And this is when I realized...
it's been waaay too long.
Mountains, how I've missed you.
I spent half of my youth up here, practically. 
What, with my grandparents living in Conifer, and a father who took us camping/fishing/hiking every chance he got. The Rocky Mountains are a part of me. 
And I will never go that long without visiting these mountains again. 
{It had been quite a while...}
I forgot how much I loved them.

Last leg of our mini-trip, I demanded that Justin take us to the place I'd always wanted to go as a child. It was first located in Conifer, where my grandparents lived, but a few years ago they put it on a truck and moved it up to Bailey.

I knew we'd be passing it once we came down off Guanella Pass, so I insisted we stop there for a late lunch.

Behold, the giant hot dog:
Aso known as Coney Island. 

Oh yes, we did.
I have to say, the ambiance of their new location is lovely.
You know, for hot dogs in the mountains, and all:

The fresh mountain air, the sound of the water wheel, the taste of... hot dogs.
I like Coney Island's new location much better.
The best part of the trip???
The 99 cent aqua Snowflake print Pyrex dish I scored at a thrift store in Dillon...
I'm just kidding. 
The best part was being in the lovely mountains with my lovely family.
{Blah, blah blah...}

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  1. This looks like a PERFECT trip. Now I'm planning the same one. I'm so not kidding.

  2. What a lovely post! Yes, the mountains are part of us, as long as I can remember. When I was a boy Dad was always driving us west, into the hills, up the canyons, over the passes, into the great refuge that was the Rockies. I hope Eisley and Violet will learn from you that the mountains are always there for adventure, respite, and the sense that God is near, and God, being God, gives us peace. Love, Dad.

  3. How fun! Now I want to go to all of those places too. I love mountains and hot dogs. :)


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