{Naked pie!} I had all intentions of posting Violet's birth video by now, but a certain house elf spilled water on my laptop. It happe...

The House Elf's Revenge

Monday, March 14, 2011 ,

{Naked pie!}

I had all intentions of posting Violet's birth video by now, but a certain house elf spilled water on my laptop. It happened in slow motion one day last week, whilst I has stuck on the couch nursing the new pie.

The house elf has become much more brazen and much less responsive to threats of discipline since the new pie came home. So when she was pulling the straw out of my's hospital-issued water mug, the "STOP! STOP!" I screamed from the couch meant nothing, and right before my eyes the house elf killed my computer. This was, no doubt, punishment for bringing home the new screaming pie.

The house elf "tickling" baby while mommy begs her to stop {it's rare Violet sleeps through a car ride.}

Until we work up the courage to spend the money on a new laptop, I'll have to blog with Justin's work-issued IBM. As soon as the edited video is retrievable from my hard drive I'll be sure to post it. {Don't worry, it still exists, the house elf is not crafty enough to know how to destroy that.}


After 42 pregnant weeks that seemed to last forever, I'm already in awe of how quickly the past 3 weeks of V-Pie's life have gone by. She is a really good baby, already sleeps through the night 95% of the time! We'll take it.
Daddy doing some "baby wearing" with the Moby wrap.

While Eis-Pie is still addicted to the pacifier after 2.5 years of life, V-Pie is of the opposite persuasion and refuses to let anything calm her except ME. I can easily spend 4 hours straight on the couch nursing her if I let her. She will reluctantly take a bottle, but it has been difficult for us {me, really} to get out of the house as Violet is not a fan of the car seat and is too much of a fan of my boobs.
This right here is why I could have 19 babies. RIP laptop...

You forget, even having done it before, how hard it is to have a newborn. But it is such a blessed time! Hard but wonderful. She will grow up so fast, this period of our lives is so fleeting that I am just trying to hold on to it as long as I can - even if it means spending 4 hours stuck on the couch helpless while the house elf destroys the home.

I know things get easier every day, too. Violet grows a little more independent each day and will continue to do so until someday she's moving herself out of the house or picking out a wedding dress. Eisley is already a reminder of how short this season of life is.

At my check-up for my doctor to look at my incision, I asked him how many c-sections were too many. I was sincerely curious: does it get to a point where 3 or 4 c-sections are dangerous? No, he said, you can have as many as you want {although he admitted, as I already knew, any surgery comes with it's risks}. We're not planning the next one yet, and have not even decided if there will BE a third pie, but I just know that before I blink Violet will be as old as Eisley is now and I might get baby fever again...

but maybe not. After all, like I said: this season is hard.

But wonderful. SO wonderful. Worth the 42 weeks & 1 day a hundred times over.

Does it scare you that right now it makes total sense to me why that Duggar lady has had 19 of them???

How can you blame me, when this is what I get to stare at all day:

That's one of the few times she's taken a pacifier... sigh...

Don't fear, I just keep telling myself 19 babies would turn into 19 teenagers.

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  1. Heather, no person on this earth is as genetically similar to me as you. So how can it be that we are so DIFFERENT? The thought of another infant makes my blood run cold.

    I'm glad for you that you're enjoying this time with your beautiful new baby. She is so precious! I very much look forward to holding her again.

    And then giving her back.

  2. I know, right? We are different.

    But I would never have known you were so terrified with infants. You fooled me. Eisley, however, always sensed your aversion to her...


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