In case you can't make out her face: With just over 30 days left until my due date, I'm posting a Violet Report . I just got home f...

The Violet Report

Monday, January 03, 2011 , ,

In case you can't make out her face:
With just over 30 days left until my due date, I'm posting a Violet Report. I just got home from visiting the doctor, and I feel so blessed every time I visit and get nothing but good news & "everything looks good's".

Here are some stats:

  • Violet is currently head down {although that can still change}
  • So far, no dropping, no dilating, no effacing - which is all just fine
  • My BP is okay, but slightly higher than average - no worries there yet {and I did have a crazy day, so that can contribute}
  • Violet's heartbeat is 130, perfect
  • In another 4 days I can go into labor and they won't try and stop me!
  • I've only gained one pound since last month, which is especially great since they technically diagnosed me with gestational diabetes - even though I really don't believe I have it because my glucose numbers have been normal despite not changing my diet dramatically {I have to stick myself 4 times a day to test}, I haven't needed any meds like insulin, and the perinatologist I saw told me during an ultrasound, "If it wasn't for you failing the glucose test I'd never believe you have gestational diabetes." I really believe, if anything, I'm barely "borderline" gd. But anyway, one pound, and after the holidays no less - yay!
Please keep myself & Violet in your prayers if you think of us! Now that I go to the doctor every week until she arrives, I'll keep everyone posted on how we're doing.

{Don't miss the previous post - a video of Eisley's 2010!}

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  1. What a blessing that everything is going so well! I think I'm the only person in the world who couldn't see the baby's face in the ultrasound pic---LOL! I showed it to a friend a work yesterday, and she saw it immediately.
    You had to do the "Cliff's Notes" version of the picture for ME--how embarrassing! (And I call myself a grandmother--what a disgrace!)
    Anyway, can't wait to meet this little chubby-cheeked, full-lipped bundle of joy!
    Grandma Jan

  2. I can't beleive how clear this picture is. Already adorable! Amazing the technology that is out there these days. :-)


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