...Gabba Gabba! Yes, we met the Gabba Gang ! And sadly this is my only decent picture {why, why, why did I not take my real camera that nigh...


Wednesday, December 01, 2010 , ,

...Gabba Gabba!

Yes, we met the Gabba Gang! And sadly this is my only decent picture {why, why, why did I not take my real camera that night?} since it was part of the VIP party package we paid a "little" extra for. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Where the heck is my 7 month pregnant belly?" Violet is camera shy.
{For those of you who are not aware, Yo Gabba Gabba is "the cool" kids show. The one parents don't hate or get overly annoyed with - ahem, Elmo & Dora, I'm talking to you. It's hip, it's full of celebrity guests like Jack Black & bands like The Killers, and it's fresh material.}

The Pie & Daddy wearing DJ Lance Rock glasses.
Maybe it made my day more than it made Pie's? I think she was a little shocked and in awe of the experience. The show was a lot for a 2 year old pie to take in.
But it was a great show. A giant screen, all the characters, confetti guns, thousands of balloons {Pie's favorite} released from above, and bubble machines. It was the ultimate rave for a toddler.
The crowd went wild when the Gabba Gang appeared.
And there they were, the friends we've been watching on TV since Pie was 10 months old, now right in front of us.
Eisley sang along to the songs, danced like...well, like she was drunk, and partied harder than a frat boy.
And I mostly watched her the entire time. The joy on her face was more important to me.
Although she did take a couple breaks to rest from the excitement during the show.
Here's a shot of "There's a Party In My Tummy!", in which the Gabba Gang cleverly entices children to eat their vegetables because the carrots & beans cry and are sad when they're not "invited to the party in your tummy." Clever, clever... and a little bit of a guilt trip.
Having VIP tickets, after the show we were invited into the lounge to meet the Gabba Gang in person!

Here we are with the guest celebrity, Leslie Hall! You know, LESLIE! Of the gem sweater fame? I kid you not, I'm a fan of this lady. Above all other humor, I most enjoy and appreciate those who are not afraid to poke fun at themselves, and not afraid to be ridiculous. Leslie Hall is a lady, only my sister's age, who brings humor to the world by dressing in outrageous outfits, collecting dated gem sweaters, and sporting a frumpy hairstyle. I love her. {She said I smelled good, and seemed charmed when I told her I was a fan and wanted a picture.}
Anyway. Back to the point.
Pie met Plex (the "Magic Robot") first.
...and Muno ("He's tall & friendly")
THERE - that's the face that made it all worth it.
Lastly, we met DJ Lance Rock. He is really nice in person, called Pie a sweetheart and kissed her on the cheek after this photo. She fainted. Just kidding. {Sigh... my cell phone actually takes really good pictures. Just the lighting in there was horrible.}

Razzle Dazzle!

{That's what the Gabba Gang would say.}

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  1. HOW fun!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me want to watch this show with my kid :)


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