Justin took me to the Oxford Hotel {the Historic Oxford Hotel} this weekend - in celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this month. We'...

Celebrating 6 Years

Monday, January 18, 2010

Justin took me to the Oxford Hotel {the Historic Oxford Hotel} this weekend - in celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this month. We've never celebrated our anniversary before, so this year we decided to make up for the 5 years and finally do something really special... to celebrate, well, US.
He booked us an amazing corner room that overlooked LoDo. This proves my husband knows me well, he picked the most appropriate hotel for our little getaway. There were antiques & western art everywhere.

Even the room key was charming. I love it. There's nothing pretty about those new plastic magnetic strip card keys... the Oxford Hotel key's have tassles!

A claw foot tub!!! Are you starting to see how this place fits my personality so perfectly? Well done, Justin. Here's me, to prove I was there.
Downstairs, adjoined to the Oxford Hotel is McCormick's. This is where we ate {at the Seattle location} the night Justin proposed to me. So of course, we had dinner here. The food, as always, was wonderful. The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything, and upon finding out it was our anniversary celebration, he brought out their flour-less chocolate cake & champagne on the house.

And we enjoyed a short walk around Larimer Square after dinner. The lobby of this historic hotel is ornate, charming, and amazing.By the front desk an antique pedestal birdcage housed a beautiful lovebird! Now I want one... {and I think I just heard my family rolling their eyes.}In the morning we had the car brought around {yes, we splurged on valet}.
We headed to my very favorite Denver breakfast spot. Lucile's. This place is a little bit of creole breakfast heaven.
Their Mocha au Lait is delicious. Starbucks now has the appeal of gas station coffee...I made Justin wear his argyle sweater because I think he looks so handsome in it...And here am I:The BEIGNETS people! You must try their BEIGNETS!!!
And I had the Egg's Benedict. And whatever they do to their potatoes, well, I'm so glad they do it.All good things must come to an end. So then we headed home and back to normal everyday life. Like Justin working on the car... But it's ok, I think it's sexy when he works on the car.

Here's to our 6 years! And to our first time really celebrating it. We'll have to keep celebrating our anniversaries now. I posted on Facebook about us going out for an overnighter and a friend replied, "You don't realize how important those are!"

I think she's right. It's good to step away for a day or two and focus on each other. It's priceless to a marriage, I think.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! Next time you are down at the Oxford, you must stop in the Cruise Room and drink a lemon-drop martini. Sweet, lemony goodness!

  2. Me, Luciles...it's a future date.

  3. Go try it and tell me what you think!
    You must at least get a half order of beignets and their Bloody Mary is amazing {and I don't even like Bloody Marys}. I can only recommend the Denver location, too, since it's the only one I've been to...
    Oh, and if you show up on a weekend, prepare to wait! That place is highly popular!


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