9am - Justin hears Eisley is awake, goes to get her in her crib and finds that she has thrown up all over herself. Takes temperature, which ...


Wednesday, July 01, 2009 ,

9am - Justin hears Eisley is awake, goes to get her in her crib and finds that she has thrown up all over herself. Takes temperature, which is normal. Hmm...

10am - Justin has left for work, I settle Eisley in her highchair with some Cheerios and formula for breakfast. Sees that a new tooth is making headway through her gums.

10.30am - Eisley is now playing on the floor, starts to heave and shake. Proceeds to throw up entire breakfast, looks miserable.

10.45 - After Googling, I decide to call the doctor, leave a message with physician's assistant. Not sure whether or not to take her in... but she's acting fine now, playing happily on the floor.

11am - PA calls back, ask questions, says she'll talk to the doctor and get back to me. Eisley has tiny clay like diaper mess and is straining. It's obvious she's constipated. Great. Puking, teething, and constipated. What else can go wrong, eh?

12pm - Eisley takes a bottle and goes down for a nap. I'm hoping she's over whatever this is and is fine now.

12.15pm - Check on Eisley, so far so good.

12.45pm - Check on Eisley, so far so good.

1pm - Check on Eisley, so far so good.

1.30pm - Check on Eisley, so far so good.

2pm - Doctor finally calls, I miss call, leaves message. Eisley seems fine so I let it go...

3pm - Eisley is awake, can't tell if she's thrown up or spilled some of her bottle. Change her, still constipated. She seems happy so I get her ready to go run errands.

3.20pm - Check mail. Find letter that says Justin's ex-employer is appealing unemployment decision for the THIRD TIME, despite the fact that they've already lost repeatedly and don't even owe any money if they lose so this is all in vain. My good mood is evaporated in a split second.

4pm - Call Mom from Michael's where I'm picking out pretty papers for my crafts to bitch about Justin's ex-boss and the audacity of it all. Eisley begins screaming and fussing.

7pm - On my way home from Walmart, give Eisley toddler cookies to keep her happy. Justin calls, is on his way home.

7.10pm - Eisley is home, playing on the floor. Starts heaving. Throws up.

7.15pm - Call Justin, tell him to meet me at the local Urgent Care center.

7.30pm - Urgent care lady directs us to another urgent care up the street because they're full for the evening.

7.40pm - Arrive at Urgent Care, wait 10 minutes to be received, wait another 15 minutes for good looking but ill-humored male nurse to call us back.

8pm - Doctor comes in, seems bored and not too worried because she isn't really dehydrated too bad - yet, thinks its a 24 hour bug. Asks questions. Eisley smiles at him.

8.15pm - Ill-humored male nurse comes in to give Eisley a shot of Zofran. Despite my efforts to distract, it is quite the upsetting event, being stuck in the hip with a needle. Ill-humored Male Nurse takes his sweet time pushing in the 2mm of Zofran while Eisley gasps for air between screams.

8.35pm - Doctor finally comes back to give instructions on what to do if this or that.

8.40pm - Justin takes Eisley home. I take longer, scenic route. Get stopped at train. Wonderful.

9pm - Arrive home to find a screaming Eisley, still constipated. Justin has given her applejuice, which she throws up 15 mins later.

9.15pm - Try to put Eisley down for the night. She will not have it. Justin reheats marinated grilled pork leftovers and pasta we had {thank goodness} and Eisley plays happily on floor.

9.30pm - I blog.

This has been our day. Wish us luck for tomorrow...


9.53pm - Eisley strains to poop. Justin cuddles with her. She' pouts and cries so pathetically that Justin tears up.

11.17pm - Checks email & re-reads this post between making embellished notebooks for Saturday. Sees I misspelled bored as "board". I'm embarrassed. This is one of my spelling pet peeves and yet here I've gone and done it myself... I'm anal {my mother is an editor, after all} could not let that go so here I am editing *again*. Eisley and Justin are sleeping sound in their respective beds. I'm planning on stay up to craft until the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully Eisley has a better day tomorrow. ;-)

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