PART 1 We had a chance to finally play some Rock Band & have dinner with Peter & Angela on Tuesday1 Eisley and Mara got a chance to ...

BFFs & Marshmallow Crisps

Thursday, June 04, 2009 ,


We had a chance to finally play some Rock Band & have dinner with Peter & Angela on Tuesday1

Eisley and Mara got a chance to get better acquainted.

They hugged.

They had father/daughter time.

We were glad to see that Eisley was gentle with Mara, as opposed to her usual "grab and pull" approach with people & pets.
First Mara started in with the tears...
And Eisley followed. {Afterward they even went to the bathroom together. Girls!}
That moment pretty much had us four parents in hysterics.


Now every time we go for a night at Peter & Angela's I'm asked if I brought my treats. I've developed a bit of a reputation for my Marshmallow Crisps. (Not "Rice Krispie Treats" because, well, they're much better.)

It's pretty much expected anymore that if we are welcome at their house, Marshmallow Crisps must be had as well.

Believe it or not, I've done research. I've developed the PERFECT recipe for Marshmallow Crisps. Seriously. People rave about my Marshmallow Crisps.

Here is how you can make:

First, measure out 10 cups (yes, I double the recipe, because no one likes too-thin treats) Rice Krispies.
Second, measure out 8 cups (buy a 1 lbs bag) mini-marshmallows. Make sure to have a little more left over...
And have on hand a "splash" of milk & vanilla extract.
Spray a 9 x 13 pan and the bottom of a flat "flipper'.
And finally, melt 1/2 cup (or 1 stick) butter. DO NOT use margarine. YUCK! Don't be a sicko! Cut it up into small pieces for melting - and melt on the lowest possible setting! Butter burns easily so be sure to do it slowly on low heat.
When butter is fully melted, stir in your mini mallows. Mmm...
Wait patiently for them to melt in. It's worth it.
Toss in splash of milk & vanilla. The milk helps add a gooey factor (because you should NEVER serve hard, crunchy treats! yuck!) and the vanilla complements the marshmallow taste.
When the m
arshmallows are totally melted and mixed...
Toss in another handful! Why? Because you get delightful little chunks of marshmallow in your treat - so good.
... and melt until they're just about to blend in.
Pour over the Krispies.
And blend well.
Pour in your pre-greased pan. Flatten and compact with your pre-greased flipper.

Viola! Heather's Perfect M
arshmallow Crisps!
They're soooo good. Try them.

PS- Why does no one comment anymore? Hmm...

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  1. How come I'VE never had your marshy mell chips? I'm your own sister, gorramit!

  2. You've never asked for them. Ask nicely and maybe I'll make you a pan. Ask non nicely and maybe I'll make you a pan still. Because I'm a nice sister.

    Maybe for your birthday. Maybe not.


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