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{ Angela's Baby Shower }

Friday, February 06, 2009 ,

The diaper wreath I made, on Angela's front door.

Just thought I'd post some pictures from Angela's baby shower, which was a couple weeks ago. It was a good time!

When Angela found out she was pregnant I told her I'd *love* to throw the baby shower, I love planning parties and it was a great way to get my "ya-ya's" out. Now I'm working on Eisley's 1st birthday....

Guests playing games.

A onesie garland I made.

The diaper cake.

Guests filling their plates.

The party favors stacked up near the door and ready to go.

The favors were a "Bath in a Box", included a handmade chocolate sugar scrub, rose scented tea light, Hershey kisses, and a rubber duckie.

Peter and Justin, sharing a joke before the shower.

The "spread".

The cake. It said, "The Big Day is Drawing Near, Mara Jade is Almost Here!"

By the time all the guests arrived, you couldn't see any table there.

Peter and the boys enjoyed a poker game in their cigar lounge in the basement.

Complete with "It's a Girl" cigars.

Mother-to-Be and her lovely mother.

A keepsake photo album for Mara.

Angela and Peter's lovely mom.

Angela with her mother and three sisters.

Angela and me.

And yes, even Eisley was there to celebrate.

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  1. Wow! You are one talented girl! Everything looks beautiful!

  2. Super Cute Pics! She is a cute prego lady (you can tell her I said that). And I LOVE your diaper cake. So creative. You come decorate my house, OK?

  3. You did a beautiful job! Angela looks great. Tell her congratulations. I'm sure they will be wonderful parents to little Mara.

  4. Ok, whenever I do have a baby, you are my planner!


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