There's two types of "free" I'm gonna talk about in this post. I'll start with the exciting one... My sister alerted m...


Thursday, November 13, 2008 ,

There's two types of "free" I'm gonna talk about in this post. I'll start with the exciting one...

My sister alerted me tonite that the big O (and by that I mean Oprah... what'd you think I was talking about???) is giving away FREE Snapfish photo books (REALLY nice ones, I love Snapfish!) Not sure if there's a limit to how many they're giving away, but hopefully you can grab yours here:

The second type of free I want to talk about is a bit of a mini-rant. Here it goes...

Tonite on the news I saw a blurb on a topic that, come every November/December, really grinds my gears! Yes. It was that stupid and dreaded topic regarding some complainers out there who find it "OFFENSIVE" for city property to have any Christmas themed decor.


I find it interesting that people seem more upset by the Christ Child displayed in public areas than the hurtful things all these politicians have been saying in the media during recent months.

Well I've got news for you complainos - and I honestly think there's a very small percentage of society that actually oppose the Christmas spirit, so I resent that the news even bothers to cover it, but hey they love a good controversy - this country was based on Christian values! Luckily, we all have the FREEdom to believe and practice whatever religion we like. But like it or not, it's practically a tradition with our government. Our forefathers were Christians. We've elected Christian presidents almost every 4 years. Our money even has the word "God" on it. Gasp!

But I just don't get it... what's so offensive about a nativity scene? The whole message of Christmas and the Christ Child is God's LOVE for humanity. You don't have to believe it, but why is it offensive?

Ok. I'm done. I'm trying to keep my rants to a minumum but I just couldn't help getting on my soapbox regarding this one...

Here's a picture of a certain cutie to cheer us up now:

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  1. The whole Christmas controversy has me in wonderment as well. I guess people look for whatever they can to complain about. I think they assume because government property has decorates with the Nativity scene it is supporting the Christian religion. And that upsets them... I guess... I don't know. But I wish people would just get over themselves sometimes

  2. I agree with you H! That shit pisses me off! Last year (I think last year) at seatac they had to take down the Christmas decorations because a Jewish person got upset... Umm seriously?

  3. Eisy makes me sleepy.

    I think the answer is to make sure all beliefs are represented in holiday decorations. The pagans want a 'blessed Beltane' sign next to the Christmas stuff? Fine by me.

  4. The season isn't about ALL beliefs though. I mean, Christmas is a REALLY big holiday. It cracks me up when things like Kwanzaa gets tons of attention too, in attempt to make things more politically correct. In reality, Kwanzaa is a very minor holiday compared to what Christmas is to Christians.

    And its debatable, but to me, we have a primarily Christian government. The great thing about this country is you can worship whoever you want - but our country was founded on Christianity.

  5. But other religions have holidays this time of year-- Chaunnakah, Solstice, etc. We have christmas this time of year because originally the pagans celebrated Beltane at this time, and saying "no it's not Beltane, it's Christmas" made the church guys back then feel better when the pagans would dance around the fire.

    And while it's true that American was founded by 'christians', it's also important to remember it was founded by people seeking religious tolerance. And that those 'christian' forefathers exterminated almost an entire race in the process. I don't think it just equals out to a neat and clean little package. It's good to celebrate christmas, but it's also good to let other faiths celebrate their holidays as well.

    I also think it's scary to say we have a christian government. Seperation of church and state is a good thing.

  6. But don't pay any attention to me I'm just a flaming Boulder Liberal. :)


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