I have to share this little story real quick, before I get to the pictures... This morning I was on my way to Angela's house - it was ti...

A Random Act of Kindness

Monday, October 06, 2008 , , ,

I have to share this little story real quick, before I get to the pictures...

This morning I was on my way to Angela's house - it was time for us to "do" each others' hair again so I go to her home salon where we cut and color each other and enjoy good conversations. On the way, I stopped at Starbucks Drive Thru in Castle Pines to pick up drinks for the both of us, my treat.

As I waited in the drive thru line with my window down, I noticed the lady in front of me watching me in her side view mirror. I was wondering why she was staring at me (at least I thought she was, she had dark sun glasses on), but I averted my eyes. When it was my turn to pay I pulled up to the window and thrust my card toward the employee that greeted me. But instead of taking my card she said, "Actually the lady in front of you paid for your drinks."

I gasped, "She did?!" I was shocked at the kindness and couldn't understand why someone would do something so nice. But the employee explained further, "She said you looked familiar. She said you look like the girl who used to cut her kids hair."

"Oh. Well yeah I used to cut kids hair." I explained to the employee.

As I drove off I was so happy. Not because I got free Starbucks - although that's a plus - it's just someone had done something so nice for me. It made me want to make someone else feel that good. Pass on the good favor, ya know?

So I think next time I'm in the Starbucks Drive Thru, I might just pay for the person behind me too. Sure we don't have lots of extra money right now, but an extra $3 or $4 to put a smile and the same good feeling in someone elses day - it's totally worth it. Especially with all the depression in society regarding the economy. I'm guilty of - and I know I'm not alone - always having a "Yeah, but what's in it for me?" attitude.

Let's not forget these random acts of kindness! That "stranger" (I only say that because although she knew me, I still can't figure out which of my clients it was...) put a smile on my face for hours. In a way, I'm kinda jealous. And humbled. And selfish. I want to do that for someone else now.

Moving on, Eisley had her 2 month appointment today! She's 9 lbs and 4 ounces, and has grow 2 inches since birth, making her 21.5 inches now. Here she is a few days ago as we were leaving for a walk:

She loves to be bundled up and sleep on her Boppy:

And, like most babies, she loves Daddy to hold her like a football:

My firstborn niece, Ayla, is turning 4 years old on Wednesday! We celebrating with my family on Saturday at our house. Ayla wanted a pink spider cake:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYLA! I can't believe it's been 4 years since I saw the miracle of your birth :)

Soon to come: pictures of my new "MOM HAIRCUT"

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  1. Haircuts? I love getting my hair done, it's one of my guilty pleasures in life. Can't wait to see!

    I love random acts of kindness, that is so cool!

    That spider cake look's really tasty.

  2. That is a neat story. Now I am really hoping some day someone will pay for MY coffee. . .

    . . .maybe I kind of missed the point?

  3. Ahh H! Such a great story. I love it when I see people paying for soldier's things. I was on the dinner train up here and they announced that two on the gentlemen on the train had just returned from Iraq. Someone else paid for all their drinks! It was great :). Stories like that make me feel like there really is kind people left in this world...


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