First, congrats to Noah our BIL and Eis's uncle (I forgot to mention with all the excitement of having a newborn) as his home brewed bee...

Long Post: Beer, Prayers Please, and Cleaning Day

Friday, September 19, 2008 , , ,

First, congrats to Noah our BIL and Eis's uncle (I forgot to mention with all the excitement of having a newborn) as his home brewed beer (he makes with his best friend under the name Fierce Bad Brewing) won TWO silver medals at the Colorado State Fair Foamfest this year for deliciousness! Last year they won two bronze, so perhaps next year they'll take gold...?

On a sadder note, pray for Noah's uncle Justin as he is undergoing surgery this morning after suffering two brain aneurysms now. He is in an excellent hospital in Seattle and has made it this far (few aneurysm victims are so lucky) so we're praying for recovery. You can read more here.

I was very lucky this morning, as Eisley slept long enough for me to get some much needed cleaning done! I even did two loads of laundry (it's been months since I've seen the bottom of our hamper).

So while Eisley was doing this in our bed:

I was fretting over this mess:

But since she was asleep in bed (and I didn't want to move her because this was precious "Mommy Time" I didn't want to lose!) I couldn't make it, so I just tidied up barely:

This is the bassinet Eisley sleeps in for now. We found it on Craigslist for $15!

With my bedroom tidied up, I moved on to Eis's, which was in horrid condition but I didn't get a picture of before, so here's after - plus her door sign I made her :)

It feels so good to have this clean again

Her cloth diapers all folded and ready to be pooped on:

Then I moved onto our "guest bath" which daddy claimed for himself months ago and thus was very very messy! Since I never use it, I don't realize how dirty it gets until I walk in there, and my face is just like that lady in the shower on the movie Psycho.

And I even had enough time to clean up MY bathroom (our master bath). But I hate how non-decorated it is, so here's the only pretty part of it:

When Eisley started to come awake, I took her to be changed (more cleaning! never ends...) but I was rewarded with smiles. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I could get of her smiling and its not the best but you get the idea.

Now I'm going to go enjoy my clean baby and semi-clean house until daddy comes home and we start tearing it apart again.

Cheers :)

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  1. Ayla and Indy want a pretty sign. YOU MAKE PRETTY SIGN. NOW.

  2. I will! Tell me color preferences...

  3. Uh.... that's your area of expertise. Ayla likes pink. And um. Color.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a lovely peek into your home and life! Your baby is beautiful!!

    I love the words hung by ribbons (and flowers?) in Eisley's room -- so whimsical! And your bathroom decor is off to a lovely start!

    P.S. Thank you kindly for the thoughtful blogroll love :)


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