I had my 20 week checkup today. We did an ultrasound video again, but it's not nearly as exciting (just a bunch of measurements) so I...

20 weeks - Halfway there!

Monday, March 31, 2008

I had my 20 week checkup today. We did an ultrasound video again, but it's not nearly as exciting (just a bunch of measurements) so I'll upload it later and post it here.

Baby had her hands up in front of her face so we couldn't get a look at her! But, I had though that this would be my last ultrasound. The doctor told me that insurance companies usually don't want to pay for more ultrasounds, but they like to get a good look at the baby around 30 weeks again. So, he said, they try their best to find medical reasons to go back and look! But here's a good problem: he said so far I'm doing so well they're really gonna have to look hard for a good reason for another ultrasound if things stay so good.

Which is a good problem for sure! There's a certain level of pride you get when you're pregnant -- and things just keep going so well. All my tests have come back great. Baby is great, looks like there's no defects. She's measuring perfectly. The doctor even said my cervix was so strong that I could be donor. (Obviously he was joking, but he said they like to see them around 30mm, mine was 42mm!) But there's just such a prideful feeling, that I never thought I'd experience, about having kids. Especially when your body is doing such a terrific job at it. Pregnancy has made me realize, on a completely new level, how devestating miscarriage and still births must be. It's easy as an outsider to say, "You had no control, it just wasn't meant to be." But to a pregnant woman it's a completely personal and shameful experience.

People have healthy babies all the time, yes. But on my pregnancy boards and the in the books you read about pregnancy, you realize how much can go wrong. And many of the due in August ladies have had little worries, whether it's bleeding down there, baby isn't measuring right, heartbeat funky, a messed up Quad Screen or AFP. Mine has been completely uneventful, and I have few worries.

Of course, I have 20 more weeks for things to change. And to gain more weight. Today at the doctor's office I weighed in a little over for the first time. I've gained 3 lbs so far! That's not bad for half way through! My uterus is above my belly button too. Last appointment, at 16 weeks I was an inch below!

Oh, and one last little detail, it's 100% a girl. That 5% chance of being a boy from last time has been wiped out. Yay!

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