My SIL Adrienne emailed me this morning about a sale at Target, lots of clearanced baby items. Since I've been saving my tips for a coup...

1 big ticket item down, 7 to go

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My SIL Adrienne emailed me this morning about a sale at Target, lots of clearanced baby items. Since I've been saving my tips for a couple of weeks for exactly this reason (although it's early, we figure it's better to spread out the big spending rather than do it all at the last minute).

Well, I'm glad I went because one of the first things that caught my eye was the Medela Advanced Breastpump. This is the top-notch, best-you-can-buy breastpump (well, the only model pricier is $1900!) that everyone has said is the best. has about a hundred 5 star reviews on this thing- so obviously it was the one I want. Especially if I am going to be working post-delivery, and will have to use one at work.

So I got it on sale for $175, it's regular price around $260. I'm really happy about that.

As for the other big-ticket items we need to buy - ones you can't expect to get at a baby shower as they're so pricey, I'm a planner so I've got most of them picked out. Here are the other items that must come before baby:

  1. Chicco Cortina Travel System in Discovery color theme. (Don't try and talk be out of this stroller, I tested it at Babies 'r' Us and my baby WILL have this.) $280 (ouch!) but it's gotten sterling reviews!
  2. Do Your Room Convertible Crib in White from Target. (I know you can buy cheap used cribs but this one converts into a twin bed later - so it's worth the cost in the long run!) $200
  3. Do Your Room Rocker with Ottoman. $160
  4. Kimble Dresser from Target in Vintage White. (Will act as a changing table with an added changing cushion fixed on top.) $200
  5. Elegance Round Bassinet from Target. (Okay, so this one is a bit of an extravagance, but if you saw how well it matches our master bedroom with the black toile! I just adore this piece! Also, until baby get's on a good overnight schedule we'll have it room in with us most of the time to make feedings easier.) $150
  6. JVC Camcorder. You just have to have one when you have kids. $180 at Walmart.
  7. Kodak Digital Camera and printer. (Sure, we have one that holds about 5 photos and has the worst quality pics... we kinda need a nicer one.) $150

I'm not even going to bother adding up all those prices, lol. Sure, I'm stressed about getting all that, but we thought about how expensive babies are before we started trying for one so it's all good. Luckily, as I learned today, I have plenty of time to watch for the good sales and save up my tips. At this rate, if we make one big purchase once a month we'll be good to go by August!

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