If you're reading this, it will be in the future. I'm creating this blog for when I *am* pregnant- and right now I am not. I don'...

TTC#1... what the heck does that mean?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

If you're reading this, it will be in the future. I'm creating this blog for when I *am* pregnant- and right now I am not. I don't think. It's November 25th and I'm on day 14 of my cycle and this is our first month of TTC#1.

What does that mean? Here's the story:

Justin and I have been planning on trying for a baby in early 2008, probably by February or March. To make a long story short, in October 2007 we had a big "pregnancy scare" -- the first real one ever -- to the point where we even got a faint positive line on a pregnancy test at one point. We were absolutely convinced that I was pregnant, and started freaking out and getting excited at the same time. Well, the pregnancy tests following that first faint positive came out negative. WTH? And sure enough, on day 28 of my cycle in October AF came (aunt flo, i'll get to the abbreviations in a minute).

But, instead of being relieved and overjoyed that we weren't pregnant, Justin and I were actually kinda bummed. Justin even admitted he'd been thinking about having kids for quite a while and was simply waiting for me to be ready. So we talked A LOT about it and decided, why wait another 4 months? When is it ever going to be the "right time"? And we'll be 24 soon, married for 4 years, haven't we had enough time to ourselves?

Justin, of course, is practically Mr. Mom with our nieces and is giddy at the thought of being a father. I'm excited too, but the words "48 hours of labor" are words that affect me and not Justin so I'm excited and totally freaked out at the same time. But being a mom is my dream job, I've wanted this ever since I was a little girl and here we finally are...

Alas, here we are, November 2007 TTC#1... which means, "trying to concieve our first baby". I've been hopping around Trying to Concieve forums online and those women speak their own language! It's crazy! They're crazy! Here, for example, is something you'll find on a post:

"I'm TTC#2 and I'm only 5DPO, is it too early to POAS? My AF is due in just under 10 days, but I don't want to get my hopes up because last time I got my BFP we M/C'd and we've been BDing ever since..."


"I'm trying to conceieve my second child (TTC#2) and I'm only 5 days past ovulation (5DPO), is it too early to pee on a stick (POAS)? My aunt flo (AF) is due.... last time I got my big fat positive (BFP) we miscarried (M/C'd) and we've been baby dancing (aka, trying- BDing) ever since..."

Aren't they crazy? The lingo is hard to get used to it, and thats only a few examples out of HUNDREDS of abbreviations.

So try and decode this and wish us luck:

Justin and I are in month 1 of TTC#1 and as I write this I am Oing and hoping to get my BFP within the next two weeks because AF is due on December 8 or 9!

Heather - not preggers yet

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