Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Night Live

Tonight we had an impromptu family talent show. 

Violet started it, and she sang us her own version of "Jesus Loves Me", which we found out later was supposed to be funnier than it was cute. {Our bad.}

Eisley did a magic show disappearing act slash dramatic monologue in which her bald eagle stuffed animal {her favorite toy, she's quirky like that} ate the world. Then, in a surprise twist at the end the bald eagle threw up the earth and pecked at it instead. We thought it was very artsy and symbolic.

Hard to follow those acts, but here's ours:

I apologize for my incessant giggling!

{It was hot under there, and I was supporting my husband's full weight.} Violet did not think it was at all funny, but Eisley did.

Have a good week, everyone!



  1. This is hysterical!! My favorite part (other than your contagious giggling) was how he totally threw the words "Naked Palette" out like he was totally in tune with what a cult phenomenon that is!!!

    You guys are the best parents. Thank goodness for videos!


  2. Well it made me laugh too.

    Eisley's story reminds me of the Cosmic Turtle or some other ancient origin myth.

  3. Oh my gosh! I was laughing so hard I started crying! "Your chin is the piece of your face that needs the most amount of work."


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