Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The best thing about the Littleton History Museum

I've been meaning to share a few (haha, few) photos from our visit to the Littleton History Museum a couple weeks ago.

The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is that it's FREE. So we always find ourselves there on a whim, like last week when we just decided to drop by after visiting a nearby thrift store. Unfortunately for me, this means that I only had my cell phone to take photos with.

Sadly, yes, these are all cell phone pictures. {I need to be like Jan and get a camera bag purse so that I'm never without my Nikon.}
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is how close you can get to all the animals. Look at deese bebe sheeps!
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is this guy:
Eisley's at this cute stage where she likes to strike a pose for photos.
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is these cuddling pigs. The girls have recently been into the movie Babe, so this was pretty exciting, as you can imagine.
Look at this guy couldn't even get up for a picture with us. What an ass.
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is that they keep bees in their apple orchard. This place is reeeal purty when summertime arrives.
The best part about the Littleton History Museum is that you can explore freely the two houses they have, as well as an old school house, an ice house, and several barns and sheds.
Doesn't this look straight out of a Laura Ingalls Wilder book?
Across the museum is a home modeled after a later date. This was an actual original home from those times in Littleton.
The best part is that you can walk right in...
...and pet their cat. They have cats all over this museum. And some peacocks. And a lake full of water fowl, with a gorgeous bridge and gazebo made of trees overlooking the shady lake. I didn't get any photos of all that though. BUT, I did get a photo of this cat!
I could live here. I've always wanted to hang my wall things this way.
Since I'm the photographer taker of the pictures in this family, I never show up in these posts. So, here I am!
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is that most days they have actors people who've time traveled from the past into the future to walk around the park and engage with you.
I could live here, yes, but I'd remodel the kitchen for sure. The stove is fine, but that light fixture must go.
They have props everywhere, even a pantry full of items that an early 1900's pantry would have. {You know, like Sanka and Tang and snuff boxes.}
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is the gorgeous wall paper in the kitchen!!! I want to cover my whole house with this.
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is the real working blacksmith.
He was doing a demonstration on how metal has to get hot before it can be bent or formed. We sneaked in the back and acted like we were with this group of 5th grade boys.
And then I sneaked out of the blacksmith's shop and called one of those cats over. Crazy cat lady here! And the cats know it, she came right to me and we had a moment of purrs and cuddles...
...that is, until Violet discovered us and chased the cat into the nearby bushes. I had to call Justin to help get her out because--call me lazy if you must--I'm not into climbing into bushes when I'm 8 months pregnant. There are baby feet wedged in my lungs right now, see? {Look how the cat passive aggressively sits just beyond Violet's reach? I love cats for their quiet, snarky sass.}
Meanwhile, Eisley made herself comfortable right alongside the 5th grade boys and enjoyed the demonstration. She was really excited about blacksmithing. Too bad she wasn't born 100+ years ago, or I'd say she'd just found herself a calling.
The best thing about the Littleton History Museum is the giant trees that invite you to climb.
And finally, the best thing about the Littleton History Museum is their cute little gift shop, filled with all sorts of Colorado books for children and pioneer stuff. They also have an art exhibit and a historical exhibit inside the museum building as well.
If you find yourself in Littleton anytime soon, check out the Littleton History Museum! Because the best thing about it is, it's free. {And I'm only showing you about 50% of the entire place in this post.}
Learn about visiting the Littleton Museum of History right here.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Home Tour Today!

View from door

One of my sweet "Texas friends", Lauren, connected me with  Heather at Life Made Lovely several weeks ago. Her blog is awesome because she features home tours of other blogger's homes. When Heather emailed me asking me to participate in her Home Made Lovely series, I was like, "Really???" But of course, I agreed!

Then check out all the other home tours. 
If you're like me, you love seeing inside other people's homes and getting a glimpse of what they've done with their space and who they really are, as reflected in their decorating.

Happy Friday!


Friday, May 3, 2013

A May of those days

WARNING: This post is sort of gross, and includes the word "poop". 

DSC_0882 This morning I woke up to the following words, said by my oldest daughter to my youngest daughter:

"It's a poop lizard! Don't touch it, it's hot."

Justin had to leave for work an hour early this morning because he had a day full of walkthroughs all over the city. The girls are getting up early these days, in part because Violet has a toddler bed now and she can get herself up. (Joy.) Everyone was up but me. He had set them up with breakfast at the table, said goodbye to me, and left.

So I was still in bed, going through my slow waking up process {not a morning person}. I knew I had to get up and supervise the children and start our day, and I could hear the girls in the hallway, right outside our bedroom.

Eisley kept saying over and over, "It's a poop lizard." Violet was babbling.

First, in my morning haze I registered the word poop and made a mental note to have a talk with her about using polite language.

But she kept saying it...

Then, suddenly I found myself wondering what the lizard part was all about. Was there a lizard in the house? {We don't even have lizards around these parts.} Why were they hanging out in the hallway? Obviously something had caught their interest...and Eisley was calling it a "poop lizard"???

That's when she said to her sister, "Don't touch it, it's hot."

Hot. Poop. Lizard. Not a good combination of words.

So, you can imagine, in my early morning state, where my mind is still half-dreaming, what was going on in my head while trying to make sense of their conversation.

But suddenly I was very awake, nothing like hearing your kids chat about a poop lizard in the hallway to snap you out of your sleep, I popped out of bed and headed for the hallway.

"Look mom, it's a poop lizard," Eisley said as she pointed to something gross looking on the hallway floor.

I had to get closer to inspect it, but it turned out to be a scrap of yarn from my crocheting. However, apparently a cat had eaten it, and decided it wasn't worth digesting, so it came back up onto the floor only to look disgusting and be named a "Poop Lizard" by my children.

Gross cats! But crisis averted. Much worse scenarios had gone through my head when I first heard the words "poop lizard, it's hot."

Yes, it could have been much worse, though it was already clear, it was going to be one of those days.

I cleaned it up, the poop lizard, washed my hands and headed for the kitchen only to find this:

20130503_085304 That's Violet, somehow on the other side of the baby gate we use to keep her out of the kitchen and laundry room where the cat box resides. She had three of our 36 tomato plants in her hands, but she tossed them on the floor when she saw me coming and looked at me innocently as if to say, "It wasn't me."

Yep. One of those days...

So, naturally, I got them out of the house. "One of those days" is not a day to keep your kids in the house, you see. Messes and anger will only amount. You must get out of the house, so that's what we did.

20130503_115408 20130503_112510 20130503_112421 20130503_111712 20130503_115509


Happy Friday.

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