Thursday, August 23, 2012

Texas Teaser

A little something came for me
 in the mail last week...
It would seem I've been invited to a Lutheran ladies' blogger retreat down in Texas in September! I'm super excited. This is like meeting famous people for me, meeting some really amazing fellow bloggers whom I've admired and followed for months & years.
This little teaser/itinerary included beautiful cookies inside {oh, that Kellee!}
How darlin' is that???
{I'm practicing my Texan accent.}
So, am I ready?
Well, let's see...



Big, Texas-sized, teased hair???


I'm ready to party down in Texas, Lutheran-style!
I can't wait.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Eis scream, you scream! ~ Eisley's 4th birthday party!

Eisley's 4th Birthday!
On Saturday we hosted Eisley's "Eis Cream" themed birthday party. 

It was sort of scaled back for me this year, but still turned out amazing and the little birthday girl had a blast.
Here are lots of pictures to show the details of the party, I hope you enjoy looking at them. Feel free to pin
{I have to give credits, the cake was inspired by this, the cookies made by my awesome friend, Kellee.}

Eis Cream You Scream invite Party outfit New ice cream cone necklace Party dress Eisley's 4th Birthday Eis Cream Shoppe Tent, table, chairs Door turned chalkboard sign "Eisley's Eis Cream Shoppe" Ice cream party Eisley's 4th Birthday Party! Drink cart Drinks Party favors Favors Birthday Cake! Toppings! Whipped cream Violet, wishing it were her party Marshmallow ice cream treats! Ice cream cups Eisley's Party Eis Cream Shoppe Ice Cream Cookies! Eis Cream Party! Birthday girl gets ice cream Ice cream cookies by Kellee! Ice cream! Birthday Cake Blowing out birthday candles Yummy ice cream! Mmm... Unwrapping 4th birthday gifts 4th birthday party Opening gifts Eisley's new trike! Ice cream cone pinata Eisley's pinata Little Anna Friends Uh-oh! Grandmas & auntie Faux ice cream Eisley's Eis Cream Eisley's 4th Birthday Eating giant ice cream cone
The birthday girl!!

Happy Birthday Eisley! 
We had a lot of fun with our friends & family at your ice cream party.

Until next year...
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