Sunday, September 2, 2012

Violet's Babyproofing Services

Are you new parents? 
Do you have a baby on the way?

Do you worry about that child falling off a bookcase or drinking Clorox?

Then worry no more! 
At Violet's Babyproofing Services 
we're here to help you figure out just what you need to make your home safe!

Our services are simple, and they work like this:
We drop our red-headed toddler off at your house for a small fee of $1,000 per day. During the day, our certified Naughty Ginger™ is guaranteed to show you EVERY baby proofing need in your home!

Wondering whether those toilets really need locks?
Violet will clear any doubts up for you!

Asking yourselves if it's really necessary to screw every piece of furniture to the wall?
Let Violet help make up your mind!

In one short day, Violet will show you 
in your home!!

"Every danger?" you ask. "In one day???"
Oh yes, just ask her parents!
will be quickly revealed.
She will even reveal dangers you never knew were even possible!
Keep your baby safe--let our Ginger help!
We guarantee it!

Call Violet's Babyproofing Services TODAY!

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