Monday, July 23, 2012

Being Illegal at the Park

Picnic in the park 
Today Justin insisted we get out of the house and into the 95 degree heat. I tried to stall until nap time to avoid leaving the house, but he insisted. So really, all of the following is his fault.

He packed us a lunch of tuna salad sandwiches, mandarins, and...
Beer in the park?
BEER. Which, it turns out, you're supposed to have a permit for in order to bring it into the park.

Look, it was his idea. If you take the family to the park for a picnic and serve beer...
You might wonder what is beyond those trees if you walk along the path.
Feeding geese 
You might find a lake beyond the trees.
And you might have packed an extra loaf of bread, just in case you were to see any geese that day. 

And if you start feeding two geese at the lake...
Here come the ducks...
all the other ducks and geese in the entire state will come, too.
Feeding the ducks 
On your way back from the lake, you might just spot an apple tree in the park. 
If you stop under the apple tree, your daughters will probably want to pick some fallen apples off the ground and eat them...
Under the apple tree 
...and your husband might decide to pick enough to...
Picking apples 
make an apple cobbler for dessert that evening. 
Apple Cobbler

You saw nothing.

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  1. I love your illegal day at the park. I feel like your family is so cute and quirky and fun that you should be on a magazine cover: Awesome, attractive parents. cobbler.


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