Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today was the first Paris Street Market of the season. Although I don't do the show with my crafting business anymore, I still can't resist visiting during the summer months. Today I dragged my friend Jessica with me, it was busy and hot, but there was a nice breeze and it was a really good show!

I went in search of some Pyrex, of course. There was more today than I've ever seen at Paris Street before. I think it's becoming more popular all the time...
And tons of vintage goodies to look at. I wish I'd gotten more pictures with my cell phone, but I wasn't planning on blogging this.
I went crazy when I spotted this gorgeous baby blue Pyrex loaf pan! Only $6, I had to take it home with me. {Without all the numbers & letters inside, of course.}
I'd purchase an entire new wardrobe at Paris Street if I could. Ruffles abound. Love it.
Oh, and my new favorite color? This dark teal with lime green/yellow decorative accents! This must be the trendy new color scheme of the season because I spotted it all over the market today. It's to die for.
Here is my small, but lovely, haul. The baby blue Pyrex, of course. Then a Rainbow Stripe Pyrex I couldn't pass up {is it bad that when I got home I realized I already own this one? Oh well, the price was amazing on this rare pattern.} and a vintage tablecloth that's pink & gray. 
Next market date is June 2nd--who's with me?!


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