Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Den femte maj

On Saturday my family came over for supper. We're trying to get our back patio area fixed up a little {there is still much to be done} because when the weather is nice, my family loves to spend time together like this. 
Justin is working on stringing lights and I plan on going all out with the flowers...but for now, it was just a simple get together. 
With good food {stolen recipes from my friends Jan & Kellee who are superheroes in the kitchen}. Justin made burgers & grilled corn. Cherry lime-aid margaritas. Nutella ice cream with pizzelle {oh my stars, was it delicious} and a simple salad. Noah couldn't make it, but God bless him, he sent beer anyway. 
Best of all is my family, though. I have a tiny family, but they're wonderful to be with. 
The girls ate quickly and commenced playing in the yard while my sister and husband bonded over their love for Zooey Deschanel and my mother stuffed our unused mustard back into it's original container to save us money. I love my family. Here's to much more summertime fun to come. 



  1. I simply LOVE your family. They are one of my most favorite families outside of my own.

  2. Heather, I SO appreciate your time and efforts in bringing our little family together to make wonderful memories. It was a LOVELY evening!!! And those are some GREAT pics!!!


  3. Heather - nutella ice cream??? Oh, wow. And your presentation of the food is darling. Great pics! And did you string lights up above your patio? I want to do something with lights out on our back deck since we do really use it almost every day during the summer. I found really cute outdoor lights that looked like little lanterns at Target but they were really pricey and I would have had to buy several sets. Are yours just bigger outdoor bulbs? They don't look like regular white C-mas lights.

  4. How fun! Way to bring your family together. I love all the Pyrex too. Where's the video camera? ;)


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