Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I Have Nightmares About

My Top 6 Most Frequent Nightmares
{don't laugh.}

1. Seeing someone leaving a thrift store while I'm walking in, their cart full of all my most desired Pyrex finds. Yep. I seriously dream this.

2. The end of the world. Scary, but also my most beautiful & vivid dreams.

3. Waking up the day of a party I'm hosting with nothing done, my guests are starting to arrive, and I haven't even started decorating the cake yet!

4. Spiders. I have spider nightmares on a weekly basis. They are usually bright colors like hot pink or bright orange.

5. Being weeks away from my high school graduation, and realizing I'm way behind and probably not going to graduate with my class. This one gets me every time, and I dream this at least a couple times a month. Every time I wake up from this one, I'm so relieved to realize I DID graduate high school--ten years ago, now. Also, I do not have math homework overdue! Such a relief.

6. Strangers in my yard, trying to get into my house. Creepy, huh?

What do you have nightmares about???
P.S. I have to say, before you call up a shrink to get me an Rx for valium, most of my dreams are happy ones. But it's the nightmares we remember most, right?

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  1. Well, I can only recall one nightmare in my entire life, and that was in my childhood. I seldom even have bad dreams, but I have frequently had a disturbing dream that's a variation of your "not being prepared for the party", and it involves being backstage in the dressing room and the play is about to start and I suddenly realize I don't know my lines.
    I've also had a variation on your high school dream--realizing I can't pass the test and won't graduate and I'll be left behind.
    But thankfully, most of my dreams are pretty neutral--not particularly bad or good--just slice of life kind of stuff.



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