Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Cowgirl Boots

Two little girls took a trip to Grandma & Grandpa Sander's farm on Monday.
They wore their pink cowgirl boots, of course.
Grandma & Grandpa's farm is a fun place to run and play.

They also got a chance to check out Grandma & Grandpa's new toy. The two little girls hope they will take us on a camping trip this summer. In their new toy, of course
Two little girls in pink cowgirl boots said hello to the horses...
they said hello to the chickens...
the little one tried to catch a chicken to eat. 
She had no such luck. If those fences are Violet-proof, they must also be coyote proof.
The little girls also visited the cows.
The baby cow was a favorite. 
Hello, baby cow!
The two little girls in cowgirl boots explored as much as they could, the farm is full of things to see...
and adventures to be had.

Two little girls, in two pairs of pink cowgirls boots, enjoyed their day.


  1. Heather - Looks like a great day! And such cute pics!

  2. I LOVE the pink cowgirl boots :-)
    The girls sure are blessed to have their very own farm to visit, replete with cows, and chickens, and horses (oh my!)
    The photographs are particularly lovely with that vintagey thing you do--whatever it's called.
    It looks as if you all have many wonderful adventures ahead, as well (with Grandma and Grandpa's "new toy")!



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