Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was a blur this year. It caught us off guard, and I confess, I didn't even decorate for this favorite holiday this year! What's happening to me...?

But we did don our Cracker Barrel costumes and went trick or treating anyway. Aunt Katie spent the evening with us, and I was happy to have her help!
Though even Dr. Katie {she has a PhD in psychology} couldn't get Eisley to wear her ladybug antennae. She insisted on the kitty ears instead... 
Oh well.
Pick your battles...
Trick or Treating in our neighborhood is awesome because of all the gorgeous houses. We are so blessed to live in such a great urban neighborhood. I love Halloween because I have an excuse to look in people's houses and see how they decorate. {Is that creepy of me?}
And yes, that IS a glass of wine in Katie's hand. 
She's a boozer. We couldn't get it away from her. 
Just kidding! Actually, it's sort of the trend in my neighborhood. Lots of the moms have wine glasses when taking their kids trick or treating{the smart ones conceal it with Solo cups or mugs} and the dad across the street from us brought his daughter over with a beer in his hand. So, we followed suit and took our Chardonnay with us. 
Thank you for coming to trick or treat with us, Aunt Katie! I was so glad for the help. Justin stayed behind at home to answer the door and cook us this for dinner
It's delicious. {We swap cashews instead of peanuts and add some green pepper chunks, just a tip!}
And here's my favorite picture from the evening. 
How awesome is that Halloween decor???
And to think, I couldn't even bring myself to carve a pumpkin this year... for shame...
Eisley made out good this year. 
And this was her third bag-full. We did two trick or treat streets at grandma's places, too. So at least she had a good Halloween, decor or not. 

Now it's full speed toward the holidays!
A year ago I was entering my third trimester with Violet. 
Time gets faster as you age, but when you become a parent it switches over to warp speed. Sigh...


  1. I'm so glad we got to celebrate Halloween with you guys too!

  2. Ha ha - my coworker told me that her neighborhood hands out candy for the kids and jello shots or mini cocktails for the parents. Cracked me up.


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