Friday, March 25, 2011

New Blog

Welcome to the new blog!

You're probably wondering, "Why 'Last Day Ago'?"

Coming up with a blog name is hard. I see so many clever ones out there on all the blogs I read, but I'm horrible at these sorts of things. I polled my mom & sister with a few options, however, and Last Day Ago won out. So blame them.

Justin, for the record, thinks it's lame. Except when I challenged him to come up with something better, then he suddenly thought it would work out just great...

Perhaps my mom & sister voted for it because it's a family thing?

When I was a little girl, or so my parents tell me, and I was first learning how to structure sentences properly, I would say "last day ago" instead of saying "yesterday" or "the other day".

"Remember how last day ago when we blah blah blah..." I'd say.

My mom thought it was cute and to this day we still sometimes use the phrase I coined as child.

I figured this might be a fitting blog title since I'm usually posting about things we did...


bum, bum, bum!

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  1. Siblings make our lives better (or at least more interesting)


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