Saturday, March 7, 2009

{ Spring }

It's not spring yet, but the chicks are here! We headed out to visit Grandma & Grandpa Sander today and picked out some chicks in Kiowa. They're too cute!

That little chick in the picture ^above^ is my personal favorite. She's an araucana, she'll lay beautiful green eggs.

Hey, that's a baby, not a chick. Still cute though...

The house is also coming along. I'm including a slide show for out of state family to see (yes I put it to {totally unrelated} music for your viewing pleasure):


  1. That bebeh is so cute! I dreamed of her last night. She was saying the word "two". I was like, Heather's gonna be pissed that she's saying this for me first!

  2. Three years later I can't believe I left this barely-coherent comment on your blog.

    I was drunk.


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