About Us.

Georgetown Loop
Me & my mom, fall 2013
Heather {that's me!}

I'm the author of this blog, which I started in 2007 to document my first pregnancy and I've been blogging regularly ever since. My birth order is youngest, I'm very creative, and I'm a total mamma bear when it comes to my kids. I married my high school sweetheart at 19 {and I'm happy to say all four of our parents survived their heart attacks} and worked as a hairstylist for a few years until deciding to become a craft-at-home-mom when my first daughter was born when I was 24. I have a successful {by my standards, which is where it counts} crafting/vintage & antique dealing business called Lark & Lola for which I lovingly hand-craft home goods, decor, and gifts to sell to those who appreciate pretty things. Recently, I've been enjoying being a homeowner and raising chickens, as well as homeschooling my children. I am a Colorado native and a believer in Sasquatches.

"Last Day Ago?" When I was a little girl, before I understood the term yesterday, I would often refer to things we did yesterday by saying "last day ago". For whatever reason my family thought it was cute and continued to use that term for describing things that happened in the last few days. And by family, I mean my mom. And since my mom is really one of the only people who reads my blog...I decided it'd make a better blog name than the original one I had when I started my blog in 2007. Something about me being "preggers". I'm still embarrassed. Let's not talk about this anymore.

Justin {or Sander, as I sometimes call him by his last name}

This is, as far as we know, the only left brain in Lark & Lola House. We're so glad to have him because he fixes the cars, computers, and just about everything else in our world--sometimes even scoring us free flat screen TVs by doing so {after he brings them home and fixes them, that is}. Sander is the friendliest guy I know although patient to a fault, and my best friend. The Pies & I are not just glad to have him because of what he does for us, we just love him in general for the man he is. Sander works in the audio/visual industry for a local family-owned company. Currently he's working on a project for their largest commercial job to date.

Eisley {EYES-lee}
Eisley's Super 7th Birthday

My firstborn is dear to me even though she shares some of my worst traits, such as my impatience, temper, and inability to cope with minor frustrations. She is a tender and creative soul with much mischief in the eyes. Eisley recently became a big sister and she's flourishing in the role. Her cheerful disposition and tendency to strike up a song & dance anytime, anywhere has us completely in love with this little girl.

Violet {Little Red or The Ginger}
Violet's 4th Birthday Party

Our little red head with a personality to match, This middle child of ours learned to walk at 8 months and she hasn't stopped moving since. Violet is a princess who can take on all the boys on the schoolyard, a force. While she's been my most challenging child, she's also got a heart of gold. She is the first to notice a sad friend and do something sweet to cheer them up. She's also a busy body, which gets her into trouble but also means she's eager to help with chores around the house. Our family would never be complete without this one.


Eisley's Super 7th Birthday

The baby of the family! Recently turned two. He's so happy and quite the charmer. He knows how to flirt and put up with his big sisters. Most of the time. I never wanted a son, but God sent me one anyway and I don't have a favorite child...but...he's got a special place in this mama's heart for sure.