Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ghostbusterererers - Episode 1

Their costumes arrived yesterday while their brother was napping. So excited, and since they've been learning about movie-making and watching lots of kids YouTube lately, they asked me to help them with their first Ghostbusterererers {lawsuits, ya know?} film.

I didn't direct or feed lines or anything. This is all them! I might have had a hand in the editing process, however, and that might have kept me up late finishing. I can't believe the time and dedication this must take special effects pros who work on feature length films. I have new respect for them. Enjoy!

What was great about this was that it helped me show them how special effects aren't real, and hopefully gave them a greater understanding on how realistic and unrealistic movies can be thanks to technology. They've seen the Ghosbusters movies, obviously, and much of the 80s cartoon version. They love it. {Obviously.} We already have ideas on what we could do next.


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