Tuesday, October 14, 2014


When I worked as a hairstylist, I'd joke to my clients about how power cords end up being the archenemy of every stylist. You're constantly battling tangled blow dryer cords, flat iron cords, and five different sizes of Marcel curling iron cords. You have to learn how to wrap the clippers cord around your arm so as not to get in the way of a buzz cut. They're always in the way! It's enough to make a hairstylist raise prices, believe me. #tipsarewelldeserved

I've never been okay with power cords. Sometimes I think they're trying to kill me.
Then my husband comes along, who has spent the past ten years in the audio/visual industry {15, if you count his high school job at Best Buy}. He is the cord whisperer. He has this trick with cords! I've tried to replicate, but I'm too right-brained to get it right. 

All that work with high-end electronics and fancy entertainment racks, complicated home automation systems...

It cracks me up how I've nit picked about the toilet seat for a decade, but his CORDS stay tidy! It's also an absolute delight to pull the immersion blender out of the cupboard all nicely tied up. Or to find that the quirky a/c unit built into the wall of our 1950s master bedroom is perfectly wound for winter. It's like his little area of OCD. To me, it's cute and wonderful. 

The power cords in our house, I tell you, just another testimony to how God matched us well. #codependent



  1. Brian has this amazing way of winding up extension cords so that a little loop is create at the top for hanging. No matter how many times I've tried, I can't do it! Alex can't either so I am thinking it's not a hereditary trait :-)


    1. It's that funny? If only they could apply these organizational skills to other areas of the house...



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