Yesterday, for a New Year's Eve breakfast, Justin took us out to this place we've been wanting to try for a while. His clients and...

Breakfast at Jelly

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 , ,

Jelly in Denver
Yesterday, for a New Year's Eve breakfast, Justin took us out to this place we've been wanting to try for a while. His clients and co-workers keep raving about it. The first location opened in the Highlands--Denver's elite hipster neighborhood. The second location just opened recently less than a mile from us. Score!

There was a 45 minute wait, this place is very popular. We put our names in and went to run a couple errands which they said was fine, we could come back. Then got dirty looks from other customers when we walked in 40 minutes later and were seated immediately. Heheh...
Jelly menu
I love breakfast restaurants. I'd rather go out for a good breakfast than out to any 5 star dinner joint any day. Their menu is typical breakfast but with lots of fun twists like bacon pancakes and chai French toast {I hate chai, but still}. They have a bar too, like, with real alcohols. Also, they serve lunch.

But mostly I was impressed with their teacup chandeliers:
teacup chandeliers
And Jelly is to Justin & I what 50s retro diners were to our parents. Eighties cereal boxes grace the walls...what a flashback, remember E.T. cereal??? Barbie cereal? I do!
80s Cereal boxes Vintage cereal
The bar is made out of Scrabble tiles. Doesn't get more hipster than that, folks.
Scrabble bar
Violet was her usual naughty self when we're at a restaurant, loud and rowdy, but the restaurant is loud. Only since becoming a parent have I enjoyed loud restaurants. She also tempered her rowdy ways with lots of hugs and kisses for daddy, so...
Hugs from Viv
The lighting was good for pictures...
Me & Eis
We ordered some Jelly donut bites, made fresh every day.
Donut bites
They were all really good, but the MAPLE BACON was truly amazing. That's right, maple bacon. It's like when the foods on your breakfast plate mix a bit, and some of your pancake syrup gets on your bacon, but you eat it anyway. They were really good.
Maple bacon donut bites
True to our morning selves, Justin ordered a latte, I had a mocha.
Latte & mocha
BUT, when this baby comes, I'm totally heading back to Jelly to cross this drink menu off my bucket list. I saw many of these ordered drinks pass our table, and they looked very good. The Blumosa being the most intriguing.
Drink menu at Jelly 
A young couple on the other side of the partition from us walked in and slyly stole the booth without waiting for a table like the rest of us. They laughed about it and then later wondered why they weren't being served...
So we let Violet annoy them a bit.
But was the food really good?

Eisley had the kids French toast...
French Toast
Violet always goes more savory than sweet...
Viv's 'fest 
I ordered the Eggs Benedict, which is what I order every time we go out for breakfast {I'm one of those people, who never branches out} and this was by far the best EB I've ever had. It was wonderful.
Eggs Benedict
Justin ordered an assortment of breakfast sliders, but he regretted not trying a scramble or something later. This is what he always does, branches out too much, you see.
Breakfast sliders
So to answer your question: yes, the food was very good. Combined with a fun wonderful atmosphere and a menu with lots of excitement to try in the future, I think we've found our new breakfast place.

Not that we go out for breakfast often...but when we do, Jelly will be on our list.
Orange juice glad we went to Jelly? 
If you're in the Denver area, you should try Jelly. It was a fun little New Year's outing for us! We kept it low key last night, but I'm glad we did something for fun yesterday. After all, before we start our New Year's resolutions, December 31st is the best day of the year to eat unhealthy, right?
Jelly restaurant

PS - What do we think of the new blog look? It's not quite finished yet, but you get the idea.


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  1. The food looks great! Have you ever ventured down to The Buff in Boulder? One of the best breakfast places I've ever been to!


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