Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Red is Going on 12 months...

This week I sent out Viv's 1st birthday invites! What do you think? I found the invites here on Etsy {love that place for finding good, custom invitations!}

So, in case you didn't already know, I decided on a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme. Because of her hair, I've nicknamed Violet, "Little Red."
 I love to add a little something to the envelopes, too.

 Invitation planning is one of my favorite parts of planning parties. Invites are important to me because I feel they help set the tone for your party and get guests excited to come. They also make great keepsakes for the baby box.
 Can I just say, I can't wait to watch this cutie devour her first birthday cake!

 I pulled out my camera during lunch a couple days ago and started snapping pictures. I love to see these two play together...
 They like to roar like lion {or dragons}, and egg each other on...
 They're loud. But I love 'em anyway. I love them more when I have ear plugs handy, however.

I can't believe it's already been about a year!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Notes on Christmas--No. 2

We moved our couch into the snow. For our Christmas card, that is. It was last minute, but about 10 days before Christmas we got home from the store, it was 4:30 p.m. and the sun was to set soon. But I had a vision and I had to take action. So I ordered Justin to help me move our couch out to the front yard, and then rushed to get the girls looking presentable and the tripod set up. Then we took a few snaps and moved the couch back inside. I had what I needed, though I did have to photoshop a smiling Eisley onto the picture I wanted to use. Also, Violet had no pants on. Behold, our Christmas card.

Next, Christmas cookies...

{I know it's January 2012, but it's my blog and I can play catch up if I want to...}

Friday, January 6, 2012

Notes on Christmas--No.1

I'm planning on spending this week blogging about Christmas notes...

First up, the stockings I made:
 I made the girls new stockings this past Christmas, it's pretty much the only thing I got done during the last month of 2011. I always see stockings for sale, but I've never seen any that really scream "me!" so I decided to just make some...
I headed over to the Fancy Tiger, which--although it's not cheap--has become my favorite go-to store for adorable fabric. The "Little Red" fabric above was for you-know-who's stocking...
 I didn't have a pattern, but stockings are easy enough so I just used an old stocking I didn't like any more and winged it.
It was a great easy sewing project for me, but I've decided to spend 2012 working on my sewing skills.
 They turned out lovely and just my style! I added some broach/pendants from Michael's to finish them off. Santa would have been proud...
The girls seem to like them. I like making us things that fit our style, it was the perfect holiday project--even though it was pretty much the only thing I got done.

More Christmas notes to come...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Years of Memories

Today is our 8th anniversary. 

Instead of doing my typical, overly sentimental, super saccharine post--I thought it would be fun to share some pictures from way back when...

After all, not all married couples of 8 years can say they they went to homecoming together when they were 16.
Yep, that's us. 16 years old. Junior year homecoming dance.
We'd already been together about four months when this picture was taken. {That's a long time for high schoolers, you know.}

Moving forward...

Junior Prom:

High School Drama:
 We got to know each other in high school because we did theatre together. The above photo is from my favorite show during high school, Noises Off

Below, this is "backstage", with our makeup still on. I think this one was from The King & I. Justin had the lead in West Side Story, I had the lead in The King & I.
{Looking back, I can see that it's probably best we never had roles across from each other... that just might have changed our fate together--seeing as I was a total diva back then.}

 From One Mad Night. And yes, 
I was supposed to look like a crazy person:

We did plenty of goofing around back then. Still do.
I remember seeing this photo back when I was 17, and I thought it made me look so fat! Ha! {Some of these pictures are pre-hair loss & Accutane for Justin. Pre-college weight gain for me.} 

Senior Prom:
 These are some of my favorite high school days photos, so I'm showing you several...
 {Justin drove me in my mom's Subaru to prom :) }
 In fact, I like these photos better than our wedding photos {yes, some of those are coming up.} Doesn't Justin resemble Prince William in these pictures??? I think so.
 My cat tried to destroy this one, my favorite! Don't worry, we have a double somewhere...

High School Graduation:
 {I'm so pale, I actually had to turn the shadows all the way up on this photo just so my face would show!}

This is Justin & me, and my sister Brittany with her now-husband, Noah. 

Our Wedding:
If I could go back I would change almost every detail about our wedding.
Everything except the groom. 

I guess that's what you get for getting married at 19, before you know your real self and your real style. {At least I have Pinterest. Pinterest let's me plan a whole new dream wedding...}

 Definitely something I'd change, if I could go back, is to hire a professional video grapher for the reception. This was the funniest moment, when Justin playfully removed my garter. I was so embarrassed...
 That was so long ago...

The Pre-Kids Married Years:
 {What did we do with all that time???}

Still happy. 
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