Friday, January 6, 2012

Notes on Christmas--No.1

I'm planning on spending this week blogging about Christmas notes...

First up, the stockings I made:
 I made the girls new stockings this past Christmas, it's pretty much the only thing I got done during the last month of 2011. I always see stockings for sale, but I've never seen any that really scream "me!" so I decided to just make some...
I headed over to the Fancy Tiger, which--although it's not cheap--has become my favorite go-to store for adorable fabric. The "Little Red" fabric above was for you-know-who's stocking...
 I didn't have a pattern, but stockings are easy enough so I just used an old stocking I didn't like any more and winged it.
It was a great easy sewing project for me, but I've decided to spend 2012 working on my sewing skills.
 They turned out lovely and just my style! I added some broach/pendants from Michael's to finish them off. Santa would have been proud...
The girls seem to like them. I like making us things that fit our style, it was the perfect holiday project--even though it was pretty much the only thing I got done.

More Christmas notes to come...

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  1. I LOVE your unique and beautiful stockings! Even though I saw them at your house, I missed the fact that Little Red's stocking had......well.....Little Red on it! How clever!



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