Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloody Sunday

Sadly, that's not chocolate on her face {I figured the sepia tone would make this less graphic for those of you with blood aversions, success?}. Most of the time when Pie takes a spill from her chair she gets right back up, but today was a hard fall. She nearly bit through her upper lip, and just 10 minutes before Justin was to leave for work, no less.

This was the first time Pie has really ever bled. 

There was blood everywhere. I actually called the pediatrician for this one, but right before their weekend answering service picked up the bleeding stopped and the crying calmed. Still, it was a pretty bad boo-boo, and yes I took pictures... after cleaning her face up quite a bit, too. 

And then we spent the rest of the day trying to convince her to eat. 
She even passed on strawberry ice cream. 
Well, shoot.

On a good note, she hasn't used her pacifier all day!

Poor thing.

Tomorrow will be better, Little Pie.


  1. You don't mean she actually bit all the way through her upper lip, right?

  2. No, not quite all the way through.

  3. Poor girl!! Lots of love coming from Broomfield right now.


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