Friday, April 22, 2011

Violet's Baptism

Violet Grace was baptized into our Lord's family last Sunday, April 17th - which was also Palm Sunday. I felt silly asking Pastor if that day would work, but he said, "There's no wrong day for a baptism!" and Eisley was baptized on Reformation Sunday so I guess it's fitting...

She looked so peaceful sleeping in her car seat, dressed up in her {my!} baptismal gown & crocheted bonnet I made her.

She wore the same gown I wore 27 years ago for my own baptism, here I am with my sister:
 {To understand why we Lutherans practice infant baptism, click here to listen to an excellent pod cast by Issues, Etc.}.

Violet Grace with her grandmas. 

Eisley was pretty excited...

Violet's godparents are her Aunt Adrienne & Uncle David:

We sang the hymn "I Am Jesus' Little Lamb" after the baptism, per my request. I loved that hymn as a child, I find it so endearing, so I thought it would be a nice compliment to her baptism. 

Auntie Katie was there, too: 

Baptism is sort of a big deal for us Lutherans!
God bless you, my little Violet.

After her baptism we hosted a little party in her honor, it was Violet themed, and I'll be posting about that tomorrow!

So come back soon...!


  1. Oh, so YOU requested I Am Jesus' Little Lamb. I didn't realize that, but I thought it was so appropriate, and it brought tears to my eyes (as it almost always does)
    May God forever bless and keep little Violet :-)

    ~Violet's Beekah

  2. Your child AND your party were so beautiful!! I love your little family :)


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