Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Lucky Second Born

Dear Violet,
You & I are pals these days, there really is such a thing as the 4th trimester. A mother can do what no one else can for her infant, sustain their life {without the use of formula... or a wet nurse} and thus we spend a lot of time together.

But there is another lady in your life. You & her will share some of the best times of your life together. Meet your big sister, Eisley:
She adores you.
She calls you "Baby Wyatt".

She pats your head and wants to kiss you goodnight
before she heads to bed.

When you cry in the car she says, "It's okay, baby. Almost home."

She brings you your blanket and toys whenever she finds them.
I have a big sister, too...

and so I know these things.

You will fight and want to harm her at times...

Sisters can push your buttons like no one else.

But they also know you like no one else...

So, even if you turn out to be completely different as adults...

your life will only be better because of each other, never worse.
I am so happy for both of my girls,
that you will experience each other's presence in your lives.

I'm already so enjoying just watching you two together.

Even though you have no idea what's going on.



  1. Such a sweet, sweet post! And I know what a blessing it is to have sisters - I have two younger sisters and we're still best friends to this day.

  2. Ahhh thats so sweet! I can't wait for my little boy to have a brother or sister...not just yet though lol

  3. We should make a vlog of us singing that song from Wicked. "Who can say If I've been changed for the better. . . .I've been changed for gooooooooood!". This is going to be amazing.


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