Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter on the Farm

 This year we celebrated Easter out on the Sander family farm. Since Aunt Rachel & Uncle Todd came out from California {and Violet is finally here} we thought it'd be a good family portrait photo op.

When deciding how to arrange ourselves, I said, "I want my left side showing because my nose tilts to the right and that's my bad side! Let's all fade, left to right, from brunette to blonde!" And so we did. 
{Maybe thats not exactly how it went...}
My mom came out to the farm for the day, too. 

Sander Grandparents with their four grandchildren. I know what you're thinking, "Blonde genes, much?" Don't be jealous...
 Eisley is a very caring, concerned little girl, see? Violet... well she just thinks it's funny to puke for pictures. I'd just like one serious photo of her...
{You know what they say about the younger sibling having to ham it up for attention...}
 We headed over to the barn apartment for the Easter dinner. 

It's always good to see the back of your hair looked okay. Whew. 

Then back over to the house for an Easter egg hunt, compliments of the Grandma Holly.
Eisley scores another one!
 The kids loved it. Eisley has been toting her prized egg collection around every since... 
 I made another ruffle cake for dessert. I swear the ruffles make buttercream taste better...
 It's always fun to go look at the animals while we're out there. Look at how excited Justin is!
 When I was a girl my grandparents lived on a large property in the mountains that we'd explore and ride horses on - some of my best memories are from visits to their house. I'm happy my kids will have their grandparents farm to grow up exploring...
 Nothing like a good post-meal chicken watch on Easter.
 Eisley thoroughly enjoyed herself...

 Visiting horses.

My little family - Easter 2011
Blessed times!


  1. What a fun Easter for you guys! Happy Easter!

  2. It was a BEAUTIFUL Easter. Holly amazes me--she is Superwoman!
    I *also* am thankful that your kids have the Sander farm to visit and will have the special memories of that always!



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